Simple Strategy Guide for “The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth”

This amazing game was developed by Kabam and your mission is to build up a city, to gather resources and of course, to battle other players. If this is your favorite game then you will be glad to find out that there are a lot of tips and hints on how to play it and you can definitely have an amazing time in front of your computer.

Quick Start Guide

• Download the game on the internet. You can find it available on several sites and you can easily download it.
• After that you can install it.
• Click the “Play” button in order to start your adventure.
• You can now enjoy your game.

How to play

• UI: First of all it is important to get used to the game’s interface and to get to know each button’s role. This is definitely the most important step because once you get to know all these things you will be able to create something new and interesting.

• Username: The initial screenshot says “Sherm” but you can change it by clicking it. You can replace it with
your favorite username or you can even invent something new and unique for this game. This box can be found in the top left corner of your screen.

• Mithril: This is the premium currency of your game and you can spend it in the shop in order to obtain various upgrades or even expansions to your city.

• Resources: In order to upgrade your city’s structure you need a lot of objects such as bread, stone, ore, log and gold icons. Every building that you decide to create requires various amounts of each of these resources. You can create structures that can help you boost your production in the “Field view”. You can gain resources for free or you can pay for them.

• Black Titles: If you see empty square spaces then you can build your city there. You can build a structure on each black square. All you have to do is to tap them in order to create something new.

• View: In the bottom left corner you can observe that there are various views that you can use. The current view can be found in the “Keep view”.

• Field View: It allows you to see outside of your cities structure. You can visualize the citadel and its surrounding walls from the distance. This is the best way to build your means of productions such as mines, quarries, farms and even lumber mills.

• World View: It represents the way you expand your territory. You can attack other islands in order to do this and you are going to expand not only your territory but also you resources and population.

• Building Types (Keep View): There are several types of buildings that can be created and you can always upgrade their abilities even after you have created them. All you have to do is to tap on them. Each building type is interconnected. There are some buildings that need to be upgraded by reaching certain levels or by having a certain amount of resources. In this way you are going to upgrade your whole city at once, not only some buildings.

• Building Time: This game is based on time management. The required time for a building can vary between 5 second and several days and you can only build one thing at a time. If you use Mithril then you will be able to boost your building time and you can enjoy some special characteristics.

• Quests: They are very important if you want to upgrade your level. If you follow the suggested missions then you are going to build your city and you are going to be able to claim the mission rewards (resources or speed tokens and even gold).

• Alliances: If you join an alliance then you are going to share resources and you are going to combine your strength with other players in order to attack and to defend.

• Gollum’s Riddle: It is a daily free chance that you have in order to obtain resources or other goodies. Even if you get one daily chest for free this does not mean that you can’t pay Mithril in order to obtain more resources.

• Earning Free Gold: If you do various tasks then you have the possibility to win free gold. One of the possibilities is to link your Facebook account to your game in order to receive more free mithril.

• Attacking and defending your Buildings: You can surround areas for attack but you can also be attacked. Even if you work alone or if you create an alliance, you must be extremely careful and you have to use the right resources.

Now that you know all these things about your favorite game you can start playing it and you can have a lot of fun.

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