Alliances are something to be taken into consideration

It is very important to establish at the beginning if you are going to join an alliance or if you simply plan on being a lone wolf. Try to decide this in your first 7 days in order to enjoy the protection and to become popular before beginning fighting other players. If you join an alliance while still in the “bubble” you can have a lot of advantages.

The other members from your alliance will be able to send you excess resources in order to keep them safe and you have huge chances to become the alliance bank during your protection period. This way, everybody is going to appreciate you and they are going to prove you their gratitude later by helping you when you have problems.

You should not betray your alliance and you should do your best to ensure that you are online regularly in order to give their resources back if they happen to need them and you should also do your best not to trick anybody in order not to make some powerful enemies.

You must also remember that being a bank for your alliance is only a short term thing because after 7 days everybody is going to take their resources back. You can enjoy many other features when it comes to an alliance, such as:

– Share coordinates of enemies
– Share resources, tricks and tips
– Reinforce each other when unexpected attack are coming
– Friendly competition
– Protection from general farming
– New virtual friends

What to do besides following the basic quest stuff

This is definitely an excellent question. First of all you must know that it is very important to begin your construction with a vault. It is definitely mandatory if you want to start this game properly. You can build anything you want on it because it does not have any dependencies, but it takes longer and longer build times.

If you get the initial build times done early then there are big chances for the first long one to happen during your first sleep. Even if this may seem a silly advice you should not neglect its role because this is an advice that most of experienced players usually share with new ones. After all, experience is very important and you can always learn something new from people around you.

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